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It looks different, feels different, is different.  Oozing wealth and stucco-fronted houses, Belgravia boasts a dazzling list of famous residents from aristocrats, to film stars to politicians.  Stories of scandal, intrigue and gossip abound here - all wrapped up in a good dose of history.  More than this, however, are the delightful back streets.  Creating Belgravia's unique feel, they are key to many of the secluded treasures in this area.


In the Boots of Wellington

The first Duke of Wellington is best known for his achievements on the battle field, but what do you know about the man himself and his life in London?  Come and discover his favourite shops and clubs and learn about his nicknames and mistresses.  There is so much more to this greatest of British heroes than the Battle of Waterloo.

Meandering in Marylebone

Quaint and charming to some, the home of Sherlock Holmes and Madame Tussauds to others, Marylebone is a must.  This walk showcases some of the compelling characters who lived and worked in the area and opens your eyes to changes in social history.


In The Shadow of the Abbey

Little explored by Londoners, let alone visitors, the streets around Westminster Abbey provide a fascinating insight into 1000 years of history.  Learn about a queen who took sanctuary, a headmaster who ruled with the cane for 55 years and a fishy tale of retribution.

A walk to inspire and enlighten.


Curious Covent Garden

  Think you know Covent Garden?  Far from the clean and safe environment it is today, Covent Garden used to be an area of slums and danger.  Crime was rife and those seeking pleasure did not just go to the theatre. On this walk you will hear tales of haunted theatres, royal affairs and a cold-blooded murder. You will be taken away from the hordes of tourists to discover a world of quieter back streets and alleys where history will come alive.  

The Joys of St. James's

In its heyday, the area of St. James’s was where dukes and dandies lived and socialised.  It was the height of fashion and the place for wealthy gentlemen. Today the charming genteel streets continue to thrive on tradition and quintessential Englishness.  St. James’s is home to some of the most impressive houses in London, old English shops and members' clubs. But why and how did it develop into such a gloriously exclusive area?  And who were the characters that helped shape it?

St.James's Square.jpeg

Treasures of Mayfair

Famous for being worth top whack on the Monopoly Board, Mayfair is synonymous with exclusivity.  Known as the playground of the aristocracy, the nightclubs are high-end-celebrity-hangouts and everything from food to drink to fashion is luxurious.  But the place that started as muddy fields with an annual fair, has more to it than high property prices and rents.  Behind the glittering shop fronts and busier streets, lies a world of stunning churches, beautiful architecture and delightful gardens; a world where reputations were made and lost, where wealth and sleaze lived side by side.  Come and immerse yourself in elegance and style and open your eyes wide to this glorious part of London.  It’s not to be missed.


Exploring The Square Mile

The City of London is nicknamed The Square Mile and is famed for its quirky traditions and unique governance.   It is where London all started; where the Romans landed and where trade and commerce have flourished ever since.  This walk will showcase the variety of fascinating things found in this compact area.  From wonderful Wren churches, to the history of Livery Companies  - from what has emerged from bomb sites to the modern City - Join me to have your eyes opened to this exciting part of London. 

Secret Gardens, Hidden Churches

Come and explore the delightful quiet spaces in The Square Mile. Tucked away from the busier streets, there is a different world where former graveyards and bomb sites have been transformed.  The attractive little gardens and charming churches are not always obvious but once you've found them, you won't forget them.


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