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Public Walks last 1 hour 45 minutes.


The Changing Face of The Crown Estate

Join me for an exciting walk that unveils the rich tapestry of history and architecture around The Crown Estate.   

Our journey will take you along the iconic Regent Street, to the elegant Waterloo Place and the newly transformed St. James's Market. You will discover architectural marvels both historic and contemporary and into

 the mix will be intriguing tales of a one-legged theatre manager, a disastrous business gaffe that cost £500m and a baker who was really a tailor.


Victoria & Albert - A Love Story

Come and discover the beautiful Kensington Gardens & Palace to hear about one of the most famous love stories in history.  Learn about the drive and visions of a man who who had to carve himself a role in the shadow of his wife.  See where the Great Exhibition of 1851 was held, and explore the enduring legacy of this which is  an area fondly known as Albertopolis.  En route, we will take a proper look at two of the greatest monuments to love in London and end the walk at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The City In Spires!

 After the Great Fire of London in 1666, Sir Christopher Wren electrified the London skyline with the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral.  This was not however a stand-alone project.  There were also 51 other churches on the drawing board, each with its own unique spire.  The spires were mapping points in a city pre-sky scrapers, and if travelling along the river you could locate yourself by looking towards the spires from the water. 

This inspiring (!) walk will show case the churches of St. Mary le Bow, St.Lawrence Jewry and St. Bride's amongst others. You will get the best views and vistas of these historic churches by gazing up at them from narrow alleys.  You will also hear stories of the famous Cockney bells, why a famous pantomime character 'turned again', how a grand gesture of love was created from looking up and more.  If time, we can also pop inside these fabulous buildings for treats of fan-vaulted ceilings, 12th century crypts and intricate architecture. 

st mary abchurch.jpg

Money! Money! Money!


Join me on an intriguing journey through the City of London, one of the world's greatest financial centres.  This walk takes you on a fascinating look into the rich history and dynamic evolution of London’s financial district.

Explore the historic Bank of England and The Royal Exchange, learning about their pivotal roles in global finance.  Dip into narrow alleys and peek into the past, uncovering stories from the 1700s coffee shops where deals were made and fortunes forged.

Admire the cutting-edge architecture that defines the new face of the City.

Listen to captivating stories of financial success and failure that have shaped the City over the centuries.

The Financial District Walking Tour

(not one about Abba!)


Bawdy Bankside

Step into the lively past of Bankside!

Join me on a spirited walk of Bankside, the vibrant area south of the River Thames that buzzed with energy and mischief.  Known for its freedom from the City's jurisdiction, Bankside was the playground for taverns, theatres, brothels, bear-baiting, and alehouses.

You will dive into the history to hear tales of bards, bishops, and breweries that shaped the cultural landscape. You will explore famous landmarks to discover their secrets and stories and wander the lesser-known corners  where history comes alive with every step.


Bermondsey Revealed

Nick-named The Land of Leather, Bermondsey has a rich industrial past where tanneries, biscuit factories and breweries once dominated.  Sitting south-east of London Bridge it has been an area of poverty, being badly hit by bombs aiming for the nearby docks during the war.  Today Bermondsey is experiencing a gentrification which has brought high-class hotels, art galleries and hipster-type cafés to this part of south London.  Come and discover this exciting area which has its roots in an 11th century Abbey.

Meandering in Marylebone

Whether you pronounce it "Mar-le-bon' or 'Marry-le-bone', the charm of this area remains the same.  With famous institutions such as the BBC and Madame Tussauds, Marylebone has a fascinating social history which is revealed in the smaller streets.  Famous for his medical heritage and delightful shopping, it is also home to some outstanding philanthropists.  Come and hear their stories and discover what lies behind the scenes of this lovely part of town.


Historic Pub Walk 

The City's pubs have survived a lot over the years; fires, plagues, wars and modernisation.  Let me take you back in time to discover some of the oldest and most atmospheric pubs in The Square Mile.  These inns and taverns have been places of inspiration for London's famous figures including Charles Dickens and Samuel Johnson and remain at the heart of London life.

We will wander some of the charming alleyways to pubs being famous for being hard to find, hear stories of well-known characters both real and fictional and take a step back in time to savour the unique ambiance of this part of London. 

Private groups will have a chance to pop for a swift pint or half  - Public walks will start and end with the opportunity to enjoy a drink. 


Scoop! The Fleet Street Story

Known as the The River of Ink, Fleet Street in its heyday was where the pavements thudded with rotary presses and news and gossip was exchanged 24 hours a day.   With a powerful combination of journalists and lawyers frequenting the local pubs, every twitch could find an expression and the streets were alive with heavy lorries delivering reels of paper and ink.  

Join me to discover the history of printing and newspapers along this historic street.   From book sellers, to the arrival of the printing press, to new technologies and why the industry moved out in the 1980s, this walk will evoke a by-gone era but also highlight some of the spectacular buildings that still shine. 

Money! Money! Money!


The Financial District Walking Tour (not one about Abba!)

Join me on an intriguing journey through the City of London, one of the world's greatest financial centres.  This walk takes you on a fascinating look into the rich history and dynamic evolution of London’s financial district.

Explore the historic Bank of England and The Royal Exchange, learning about their pivotal roles in global finance.  Dip into narrow alleys and peek into the past, uncovering stories from the 1700s coffee shops where deals were made and fortunes forged.

Admire the cutting-edge architecture that defines the new face of the City.

Listen to captivating stories of financial success and failure that have shaped the City over the centuries.

ading 6
Elm leaf installation-12.jpg

The Marylebone Village Walk

Oozing with charm and located just minutes from ​the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, this is a true urban delight. With its name being taken from the parish church of St. Mary, which was near a river or a bourne, the pronunciation still invites much debate.  The present day character is one very much of the Georgian style and the village feel is palpable.

Running through its heart is Marylebone High Street ­– a vibrant stretch of shops, restaurants and cafes.  As we follow this route north we will dip in and out of the quieter side streets to discover the history and development of the area.  From humble beginnings with a mention in The Doomsday Book, from a royal hunting ground to the Howard de Walden estate of today.  

With many speciality shops, it is little wonder that Marylebone Village is a renowned destination for food lovers.  As you are treated to the delights of Marylebone Lane -  a meandering run of small shops and cafés, you will be introduced to a famous family-run delicatessen. This has drawn passers-by for generations, remains a local favourite and boasts the best sandwiches in town - well worth the queue.   It's not all about food though.  Book lovers and fashion lovers will be equally thrilled by the independent shops and boutiques that give this village its unique charm.  

This walk will start at and showcase the new art installation " The Elm Leaf " at the south end of Marylebone Lane.  It is inspired by the oldest surviving Elm tree in London which stood firm during World War II and escaped the deadly Elm tree disease in the 1970s. Today it still survives on Marylebone High Street. 

The walk will end at the north end of the high street near the church of St. Marylebone.  Make sure you leave time to really discover and enjoy the area afterwards!

In The Shadow of the Abbey

Little explored by Londoners, let alone visitors, the area behind Westminster Abbey is a hidden oasis.  As you wander the back streets, you will discover the beautiful Smith Square and see fabulous architecture. You will have your eyes drawn towards little details on buildings, lamp posts and pub signs that reveal so much about London history.  In such close proximity to the ever noisy Parliament Square, you will be amazed at just how quiet it is, and wonder why you have never been  before.



The Hidden History
Covent Garden

 Think you know Covent Garden?  Far from the clean and safe environment it is today, Covent Garden used to be an area of slums and danger.  Crime was rife and those seeking pleasure did not just go to the theatre. On this walk you will discover wonderful theatres, hear about royal love affairs and learn how it is thanks to the monks from Westminster Abbey that the great market flourished for centuries. . You will be taken away from the hordes of tourists to discover a world of back streets and alleys where history will come alive.  

Education & Philanthropy in Bloomsbury


Known as the place where the Bohemian set lived in squares and loved in triangles, Bloomsbury is also home to great philanthropists whose acts have left an enduring legacy.  As we wander some of the most picturesque streets in the capital, you will hear about the man who fought for 17 years to care and educate the most vulnerable of citizens; a literary great who documented and campaigned for those in need, and an Elizabethan grocer whose generosity established one of the most famous public schools in England. 

Home to some of the most picturesque streets in the capital, with unspoiled Georgian terraces and charming squares,  Bloomsbury also claims the stunning art deco Senate House and the world renown British Museum.   Along with impressive architecture, it boasts the world famous Great Ormond Hospital, the smallest alleyway in London and the University of London.  

Join me to have your eyes opened to this lovely part of town and discover how education and philanthropy have shaped the area.

bloomsbury terrace.jpg

The Joys of St. James's

In its heyday, the area of St. James’s was where dukes and dandies lived and socialised.  It was the height of fashion and the place for wealthy gentlemen. Today the charming genteel streets continue to thrive on tradition and quintessential Englishness.  St. James’s is home to some of the most impressive houses in London, old English shops and members' clubs. But why and how did it develop into such a gloriously exclusive area?  And who were the characters that helped shape it?  Join me to discover this simply glorious part of London.

St.James's Square.jpeg

Treasures of Mayfair

Famous for being worth top whack on the Monopoly Board, Mayfair is synonymous with exclusivity.  Known as the playground of the aristocracy, the nightclubs are high-end-celebrity-hangouts and everything from food to drink to fashion is luxurious.  But the place that started as muddy fields with an annual fair, has more to it than high property prices and rents.  Behind the glittering shop fronts and busier streets, lies a world of stunning churches, beautiful architecture and delightful gardens; a world where reputations were made and lost, where wealth and sleaze lived side by side.  Come and immerse yourself in elegance and style and open your eyes wide to this glorious part of London.  It’s not to be missed.


Exploring The Square Mile

The City of London is nicknamed The Square Mile and is famed for its quirky traditions and unique governance.   It is where London all started; where the Romans landed and where trade and commerce have flourished ever since.  This walk will showcase the variety of fascinating things found in this compact area.  From wonderful Wren churches, to the history of Livery Companies  - from what has emerged from bomb sites to the modern City - Join me to have your eyes opened to this exciting part of London. 

Secret Gardens, Hidden Churches

Come and explore the delightful quiet spaces in The Square Mile. Tucked away from the busier streets, there is a different world where former graveyards and bomb sites have been transformed.  The attractive little gardens and charming churches are not always obvious but once you've found them, you won't forget them.


London : The Queue

London "The Queue" is a walk to follow the incredible route taken by thousands to see The Queen lying-in state. 

Following the river on the south bank, you will see and hear about not only hugely famous landmarks such as The Tower of London and The Globe Theatre, but also be treated to little insights and details about river life and the immediate area. 

This is a gem of a walk - historically and visually exciting.  It is little wonder that queuing for hours was no hardship - what better route to absorb and experience this wonderful city. 

Whether you were in the actual queue or followed it from a distance, join me to have your eyes opened and the world of the south bank revealed. 

Escape to Belgravia

It looks different, feels different, is different.  Oozing wealth and stucco-fronted houses, Belgravia boasts a dazzling list of famous residents from aristocrats, to film stars to politicians.  Stories of scandal, intrigue and gossip abound here - all wrapped up in a good dose of history.  More than this, however, are the delightful back streets.  Creating Belgravia's unique feel, they are key to many of the secluded treasures in this area.


In the Boots of Wellington

The first Duke of Wellington is best known for his achievements on the battle field, but what do you know about the man himself and his life in London?  Come and discover his favourite shops and clubs and learn about his nicknames and mistresses.  There is so much more to this greatest of British heroes than the Battle of Waterloo.

Prices range from £20.00 - £25.00 per head depending on group size
Prices vary for Private bookings and Bespoke walks

Please get in touch for an accurate quote

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